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Silverlight provides a variety of brushes that can be used to paint just about any area in your app: from text to shapes to borders. The most common brushes are for painting color and images: SolidColorBrush, LinearGradientBrush, RadialGradiantBrush, and ImageBrush.

However, today I paired the less common VideoBrush with an unusual visual element. Click below to see a demonstration of a fun and novel use of the VideoBrush in Silverlight:

Video Jigsaw Puzzle


Note: PuzzleTouch also now allows you to create your own video puzzles using .wmv or .mp4 files. All work is done 100% on the client! To create your own video puzzle, go to the Online Jigsaw Puzzles by PuzzleTouch homepage, choose “Custom Puzzle”, and have fun!


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