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I finally got my entry to the MIX 10K contest accepted!

The idea was inspired by MyPadlock Password Manager: a simple, secure, and free password manager developed by yours truly. The 10K entry is a fun little Silverlight app that lets you store any kind of text data behind one master password. That data is then encrypted with your password and stored in isolated storage.

Check it out

Click here to check it out. There’s a fun animation entering your password and locking it back up again (with the X in the upper right that appears once you’re in the program).

Developing this was a good test of borrowing something written in WPF and getting parts of it to run in Silverlight. Implementing the behavior I wanted was super fast and the hardest part by far was systematically destroying the readability of my code as I whittled it down from ~30K to just under 10K (with fewer than 100 bytes to spare!) I kept thinking, I sure hope I don’t have to fix a bug after I strip out all spaces, rename my variables to single characters and all the other ugly tricks I had to do to shave off those unwanted bytes.

Hope you all enjoy this fun little project and be sure to check out MyPadlock Password Manager if you’re not already using something to keep your usernames and passwords safe.


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