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UPDATE: The results are in and PuzzleTouch won the grand prize! I had some tough competition so I am extra excited to have won.

The ComponentArt Silverlight Coding Contest results are in for the five finalists and I am super excited to annouce that my creation: PuzzleTouch Online Jigsaw Puzzles made the cut! Thanks to all who voted for me!

If you haven’t see PuzzleTouch yet, check it out. It’s as fun to play as it was to write and is a great testament to what Silverlight is capable of producing.

PuzzleTouch Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles

It’s the only online jigsaw puzzle on the web that supports 360 degree rotation, 100% mathamatically unique shapes, unlimited levels of difficulty, full multi-touch support (my favorite for those that have the hardware!), out of browser mode, the ability to save games, and the ability to run offline (great for planes, trains, and autos).


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