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I always try to use named colors whenever I can because it makes your Xaml much easier to read! Who knows what color #1A37C5 is? Okay, so maybe some of you can “see into the matrix” but I’d much rather see something like “DarkBlue”. It’s also easier to write because you VS gives you IntelliType when entering a color for a property of type Brush or Color.

Here’s a super easy way to see all the named colors out there that Silverlight supports. This tool also supports copying the name by selecting it and using Ctrl+C. Plus, you can sort the list alphabetically, by red, blue, green, hue, saturation, or luminosity for those of us that get dizzy scanning the palette for a good “blue” to choose.

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Note: Microsoft has a pretty good table of their own with all the same colors in my tool (there are 141 of them by the way, not 240 as stated on the MS site). But the colors blocks are smaller, it’s all just a big image so you can’t copy names, and it of course lacks my patented sort feature 😉

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Here’s a good looking, light-weight GroupBox control for Silverlight 2 RTW.
Silverlight GroupBox Control

Download source code for VB.NET
Download source code for C#
Download the binary

According to Shawn Burke on the Microsoft Silverlight Toolkit Team, “groupbox is on the list but not in this control set

So until then, here’s a fully functional and very simple GroupBox control that you might even want to use after the Toolkit includes the GroupBox for sake of the tiny runtime size (only 9 KB).

To use all you need is:

<groupbox:GroupBox Header=”Header goes here”>
    <Button Content=”This is a placeholder for the content”/>

In case anyone is interested, I did find one other groupbox control out there but it was created before the RTW and requires a little work to get it running on RTW and the spacing around the header was a bit off. Nevertheless, kudos to Lee for putting together something to use way back in March.

Dec 16, 2008: I added source code for C# and fixed a bug allowing the groupbox to be truely transparent by clipping the Border control where the header goes instead of relying on ZOrder to hide that portion of the border control.

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This tool provides automatic formatting for your xml document by properly indenting nested nodes with tab characters. Simply type in the xml to format or import and xml file press a button and see your perfectly formatted xml. This tool is a really useful for making your xml more readable. Check it out and bookmark it… it will come in handy!

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Need a way to duplicate a chunk of text for each variable in a list? This tool will save you time and soar wrists by letting you create a template and a list of variables and merge the two to get a repeated chunk of text with variables injected into each iteration.

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For example, let’s say you had a list of 100 names of colors and you wanted to generate a function in code for each. Supply the list of colors as your “variables” and set your “template” to:

function #value#() { }

And let the TemplateRepeater take it away generating a chunk of text for each color resembling:

function blue() { }

function red() { }

function green() { }

Simple but surprisingly useful! Enjoy!

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